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Capital market部|ジョナサン ヌーン

-イギリス サリー大学で企業経営を勉強し、学士を取得。その後キャスビジネススクールにて投資運用を学び、修士号を取得した。加えて、高麗大学で韓国語を学んだ。
-韓国のキウム証券やグローバルに不動産事業を展開するCushman & Wakefieldの韓国支店、総合不動産企業のJLL(ジョーンズ・ラング・ラサール)の上海支店と台湾支店に在籍するなど、計8年アジアで経験を培った。
-Cushman & Wakefieldでは100件以上の取引を行い、オフィスビル、商業用不動産、小売、住宅用不動産、データセンター等多岐にわたる部門でキャリアを築いた。

– Born in Reading, UK, in 1989
– Studied business management at Surrey University (bachelor’s), investment management at Cass Business School (master’s), and Korean language at Korea University
– 8 years in Asia; Kiwoom Securities and Cushman & Wakefield in Seoul, JLL in Shanghai and Taipei
– More than 100 transactions completed at C&W and covered almost every real estate sector throughout career; office, industrial, retail, residential, data centers




Q – Why did you decide to join Post Lintel?
After spending significant time in the real estate and investment industries in Asia, I came to realise the attractiveness of the Japanese real estate market. The stable returns, trustworthy regulatory environment and low interest rates make it one of the most appealing markets in the world. Post Lintel has given me the chance to connect my overseas network with these attractive investment opportunities. There are very few companies in the Japan market focusing specifically on this type of business so I believe we will create a successful niche.



Q – What kind of activities do you want to do in future?
I want to take Post Lintel’s strong ability to locally source assets and package them up in a way that is understandable and appealing to overseas investors. Understanding their investment criteria and approval process is important in ensuring the transaction proceeds to the client’s satisfaction. I also believe that personal relationships are very important so I’ll focus on maintaining and improving my network to create strong partnerships for the future of Post Lintel.



私たちは投資家の皆様の為に最善を尽くす事を目指しており、 それを成し遂げる事が私たちの成長に繋がると考えます。 又、 多様な才能を持つスタッフがそれぞれアイディアを出し合い、 多くのディスカッションを行う事が弊社の文化を生み出す源となっています。